Board of Governors

The Executive Committee serves concurrently on the Board of Governors

Member Society Representatives

Quan Xue

Antennas & Propagation

Enrico Macii

Circuits and Systems Politecnico di Torino
IEEE Region: 8

Georges Gielen

Circuits and Systems
IEEE Region: 8

Cecilia Metra

Computer University of Bologna, Italy
IEEE Region: 8

David Pan

Electron Devices University of Texas at Austin
IEEE Region: 5

Christopher Bailey

Electronics Packaging
IEEE Region: 8

Michal Odyniec

Microwave Theory &Techniques

Bryan Ackland

Solid-State Circuits

Technology Organization/Technical Committee (TC) Representatives

Iris Hui-Ru Jiang

Design Automation TC National Chiao Tung Univ.
IEEE Region: 9

Arjun Rajagopal

Design Tech Council

Darshan Patra

System Validation & Debug TC

Shiyan Hu

TC on Cyber-Physical Systems Michigan Tech. Univ., Dept. of Elect. & Comp. Eng.
IEEE Region: 4

Conference Representatives

Masanori Hashimoto

ASP-DAC Osaka University
IEEE Region: 10

Ayse Coskun

DAC Representative Boston University, MA
IEEE Region: 1

Donatella Sciuto

DATE Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
IEEE Region: 8

Tsung-Yi Ho

ICCAD, DL Program Manager National Tsing Hua University
IEEE Region: 10

Standing Committee Chairs (in addition to VP-chaired)

Shishpal S. Rawat

Immediate Past President, Nominations & Appts. Intel Corp. (retired)
IEEE Region: 6

Yao-Wen Chang

President-Elect, Strategy Chair National Taiwan University
IEEE Region: 10

David Atienza

President, Fellows EPFL, Switzerland
IEEE Region: 8

Publication Representatives

Jörg Henkel

EiC, Design&Test Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
IEEE Region: 8

Sri Parameswaran

EiC, Embedded Systems Letters The University of New South Wales
IEEE Region: 10

Rajesh K. Gupta

EiC, TCAD University of California, San Diego
IEEE Region: 6

Council Representatives to IEEE Initiatives/Committees

Jorge J. Gomez Sanz

Internet of Things UCM, Spain
IEEE Region: 8

Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon

Rebooting Computing University of Utah
IEEE Region: 6

Eli Bozorgzadeh

Diversity (WIE), Young Professionals University of California, Irvine
IEEE Region: 6

Additional Council Positions

Tsung-Yi Ho

ICCAD, DL Program Manager National Tsing Hua University
IEEE Region: 10

Sudeep Pasricha

CEDA Web/Social Media Activities Manager Colorado State Univ.
IEEE Region: 5

Council Operations

Jennifir McGillis

Council Operations Manager Conference Catalysts, LLC
IEEE Region: 5

IEEE Representatives

Susan “Kathy” Land- IEEE VP Tech. Activities

Renuka P Jindal- IEEE Division I Director