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IEEE WIE is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests to a career in engineering.

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ICCAD 2016

Dr. Maarten Sierhuis will provide CEDA's Tuesday Invited Luncheon Keynote: Socially Acceptable AI-based City Driving.

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The Career Game Cheat Code: IEEE Young Professionals

Mario Milicevic 15 September 2016
Why do young people come to the IEEE? For those in academia, the answer is simple: “I need to publish papers in order to graduate.” But for those working as engineers or scientists in industry, the decision to join is typically much more personal and focused on long-term career development.
As a member of the IEEE, you are part of a global network of over 400,000 highly skilled and technically qualified individuals that can help influence and shape your development as a young engineer, scientist, or associate in a related field. So regardless of whether you wish to pursue academia or dive into industry, the IEEE is here to serve as your career backbone.



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Maarten Sierhuis

Socially Acceptable AI-based City Driving

Dr. Maarten Sierhuis leads a team of researchers at Nissan’s Research Center in Silicon Valley, tasked with developing autonomous vehicles (AVs), connected vehicles (CVs) and Human-Machine Interaction and Interfaces (HMI2). As a former NASA research scientist, he spent the bulk of his career creating autonomous technology for space exploration. Now he brings his expertise down to earth to help shape the future of motoring and how people will interact with intelligent cars capable of driving themselves.