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CEDA President, Shishpal S. Rawat, visits CEDA's Chapter in India

CEDA President Visits India Chapter

L to R: Prof. Susmita Sur-Kolay, Advanced Computing and Microelectronics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, and Founding Chair of India Chapter; Dr. Atanu Kundu, Dept. of ECE, Heritage Institute of Technology, and Chair of EDS Chapter, IEEE Kolkata Section; Mr. Satyajit Chakrabarti, Scientist, SAMEER (Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research) Kolkata Centre, and Chair, APS/MTT Chapter, IEEE Kolkata Section; Dr. Sayan Chatterjee, SMIEEE, MIEI, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, and Secretary, IEEE Kolkata Section; Dr. Shishpal Rawat, IEEE CEDA Worldwide President; Prof. Sujit Biswas, Dept. of Electrical Engg. Jadavpur University, and Chair of IEEE Kolkata Section; Prof. Debesh Das, Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., Jadavpur University, and Member of Ex-Com, IEEE CEDA India Chapter; Dr. Alok Kanti Deb, Dept. of ECE, IIT Kharagpur, and Chair IEEE Kharagpur Section; Dr. Pritha Banerjee, Dept. of Computer Sc. & Engg., U. of Calcutta, and Treasurer of IEEE CEDA India Chapter. Prof. Hafizur Rahaman, Dept. of IT, IIEST Shibpur, and Member of Ex-Com, IEEE CEDA India Chapter was present at the meeting but is not in the photo.

During January 2017, CEDA President, Shishpal S. Rawat, visited CEDA's chapter in India.  He met with the officers in Delhi and Kolkata and provided them with information on various awards made possible through CEDA as well as the IEEE Education Advisory Board.  Discussions were also held to bring about industry/faculty/student events that CEDA could sponsor.  Also discussed was the opportunity for participation by chapters in various activities such as the Women in Engineering and Distinguished Lecture programs sponsored by CEDA.

Recent Awardee

Bill Joyner received the IEEE CEDA Distinguished Service Award at DAC 2017 in Austin, Texas. This is the first time since 2013 that this prestigious award has been presented.

Joyner 2017 DSA presentation